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Zero tolerance for lift-line smokers

Complaints prompt more no-smoking signage



Whistler-Blackcomb is cracking down on lift-line smokers.

In December the company intensified its no-smoking policy with added signage at the bottom and the top of all lifts. The move was in response to a number of complaints from guests frustrated by smokers in lift lines.

"We’ve always had signs but there was an increase in negative guest comments complaining about smoking in line and so that is the reason why we’ve increased the signage," said Tabetha Boot, senior public relations officer with Whistler-Blackcomb.

She explained that lifties are allowed to ask any smokers to put out their butts if they’re smoking in line. If they refuse the liftie will note the chair the person is on and notify patrol. Patrollers will meet the smoker at the top of the lift, reiterate the no smoking rules and log their name so if there is a pattern in behaviour stronger measures can be taken.

"We’re trying to encourage people to not smoke cigarettes in the lift lines or on the gondolas," said Boot.

She could not say if the new smoking signage has had any effect yet as the signs have only been displayed since December.

Whistler-Blackcomb’s zero tolerance policy on marijuana remains the same. If anyone is caught smoking pot, his or her pass privileges will be revoked for one month.