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Zero Ceiling: A journey to the top

Eight-year-old program for disadvantaged youth making a difference in people's lives



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Funding for a full-time counselor would also be welcomed, as would an ongoing sponsorship with some sort of company that can provide the youth with the required gear they need – snowboard, boots, bindings, outerwear, helmets and goggles.

Winter also envisions expanding the organization across Canada, with his sights set on Toronto as the next possible branch. Above all, Zero Ceiling hopes for long-term sustainability and increased financial support.

So this holiday season, as you lace and buckle up those snazzy new ski or snowboard boots, stroll through the crisp air to the chairlift, and take a ride with Whistler’s finest snowboard instructors, consider that you might be in the presence of a new person. Somebody who has taken the biggest step of their lives, and like you, revels in the life-altering experience of cruising the most amazing slopes in the world. For after all, it isn’t money or gifts that make this time of year special, it is the knowledge that through innovation and philanthropy, it is possible to make a difference in real people’s lives.

For more information on Zero Ceiling, please visit www.zeroceiling.org

For information on becoming involved or donations, please contact mwalter@telus.net