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Youth need affordable housing if they are to call Whistler home



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Most wanted to see more frequent transportation to Pemberton, cheaper transportation to Vancouver, and a concerted effort to get tourists out of cars and into buses and even the train.

Many want a tenant’s advocate put in place in town so that people don’t have to take a day off work to go to Squamish to get someone to help them with rental issues.

When it came to growth, most wanted to cap it. Many were unaware that there already is a cap in place on the number of bed units in the resort.

Most were also unaware of the role of the Whistler Housing Authority in the resort.

All the comments and suggestions were collected by moderators and will become part of the consultation phase.

The consultation phase, or Phase One of the project, is slated to end next month, at which time the consultants will analyze community opinions.

This information will go toward developing different scenarios to tackle sustainability in Whistler.

Ultimately a preferred scenario will be chosen which will then be implemented.