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Youth luger in stable condition after crash

Athlete suffers concussion on track at Whistler Sliding Centre


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A youth luger suffered a concussion but is in stable condition at the Vancouver Children's Hospital following a crash at the Whistler Sliding Centre on the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 27.

The novice-level athlete, sliding as part of the B.C. Luge Association group that was on the track Wednesday night, was taken to the Whistler Health Care Centre for observation before being driven to Squamish and airlifted to Vancouver, where they are "responsive and resting," said a statement from the Canadian Luge Association.

"The Whistler Sliding Centre staff responded quickly and appropriately," said spokesperson Chris Dornan.

"While this is unfortunate, the reality is crashes are also a part of our sport regardless of the track or location in the world and happen from the grassroots to elite level."

Coaches and B.C. Luge officials will review the incident, said the statement.

"Right now the priority is the athlete's health and full recovery," added Dornan.