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Youth employment centre comes to Squamish

SCCY outreach office hasn't received many visitors to date



Young? Jobless? Frustrated?

Fret no more - the North Shore Service Canada Centre for Youth (SCCY) has extended their employment services into Sea to Sky corridor with their Squamish Mobile Office.

The outreach program is aimed at young people between 15 and 30 to aid them in their search for employment, both long- and short-term. Their goal is to fill at least 50 summer jobs in the area before the end of summer.

"This outreach is necessary because we'd really like to increase our presence in the Squamish, Whistler, Mount Currie and Pemberton area for their summer employment needs," said Lauren Webb, youth services coordinator with the SCCY.

The office is a two-person operation open every Monday until Aug. 9, between 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.

It provides job postings, interview advice, résumé building and job search strategies for job-hunters, as well as a location for employers and homeowners to post short-term job openings, free of charge. They also provide information on health and safety in the workplace.

The office is located at the Service Canada building in Squamish. Despite how it sounds, the mobile office is not a van, it's just a remote SCCY office, with a table set up at Service Canada with literature to help youth in their search - so it won't make it's way up to Whistler.

"We're hoping that because it is so close to Whistler that we will be fairly accessible to them," Webb said.

Despite their efforts, the office hasn't received many visitors.

"We are still starting out, so we're hoping that as we promote the office more, then more youth will be coming in," Webb said. "We need to let people know that we are available."

The office will close at the end of summer, along with all of Service Canada's youth services, but youth (and others, of course) can search job postings at the government's Job Bank at Services for youth are also available by phone at 604-981-1775.

Tips for first-time job-hunters

1) It's all about personality

Service Canada has listed Eight Keys to Employability for young people to keep in mind when looking for work:

• Personal values

• Problem-solving and decision-making skills

• The ability to relate to other people

• Communication skills

• Task-related skills

• Maturity

• Health and safety habits

• Commitment to the job

It's important to include these elements in your resume to demonstrate suitability for the job.