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Your favourite wedding band

That’s ‘favourite’ not favorite



Who: The Sadies

Where: Garibaldi Lift Co. (GLC)

When: Tuesday, Nov. 23

Tickets: $12

I have to concede a certain level of geekiness to admit that I’ve enjoyed the odd game of one-upping intimate and/or obscure music shows in my time. The stage is usually set by a few too many pitchers of beer in the type of pub where no one dances. Talk turns to shows past. Someone mentions they’ve seen Damien Jurado on a houseboat in Seattle or Coolio in a dilapidated stadium in Romania and it’s on.

My own trump card is a doozy. While travelling in Austria in the early 1990s I caught Debbie Gibson and The Pointer Sisters opening for David Hasselhoff at the opening gala for the Special Olympics. The Austrians/Germans, particularly the special ones, really do love him over there – tight black pants and pirate shirts notwithstanding. Hasselhoff had a radio hit at the time on the ORF public broadcasting network called Everybody Sunshine that would stay in your head for days.

Argh! I thought I’d purged it from my brain forever. Damn you Hasselhoff!

Regarding the concert as a whole, the Pointer Sisters kicked his pirate shirted ass. Those broads’ Neutron Dance burned as hard as it ever did in the ’80s.

Sadly, the Debster isn’t even worth mentioning. Time had not been kind to yester-decade’s perky pop-tart. Pay attention Britney.

Where am I going with this?

Patience, grasshopper. The one-upping gig thing. Remember?

Follow me from rural Austria back to Whistler.

In April 2003 local fans of Canadian alt-country garage band The Sadies (and there are a lot of them), were pleased as punch that the Toronto quartet went the extra mile up the Sea to Sky to play the GLC.

I was not at the show. Advantage anyone who was.

But here’s my trump card: a few months later, on a sultry August evening in a Ukrainian Orthodox community hall in Edmonton, the Sadies played my good friend’s wedding.

Game, set, match.

My gal married an Edmonton music promoter who had a long history of bringing the Sadies to E-town. When he envisioned a celebration worthy of the first day of the rest of his life with the girl who had " je ne regrette rien " tattooed across her back, he wanted the Sadies to provide the soundtrack. They were there in all their lanky retro cowboy shirted glory, strumming their guitars while little cousins scurried across the stage. It was beautiful.

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