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Young Whistler singers perform in Squamish


WHAT: Anti-bullying concert series at The Festival of Canadian Arts

WHERE: Eagle Eye Theatre, Squamish

WHEN: Nov. 23-25, 8 p.m.

Whistler’s Ali Milner and Marie West (of Cinderella Pantomime) will sing at this year’s Festival of Canadian Arts, based in Squamish at the Eagle Eye Community Theatre, at performances over three evenings beginning Nov. 23.

Milner, age 12, opens the show with three songs, using the platform to launch her recording of the CD Best Friends, That’s How We All Can Be . The disc is available at HMV and is part of a larger project from Kismet Kids Foundation to stop bullying.

A book by the same title is also being launched, carried at Chapters locations through the Lower Mainland.

Milner’s producer heard her performance at the June opening of Maurice Young Millennium Place, which led to the music project.

The CD and accompanying book will be part of 40 productions performed throughout British Columbia, while raising both funds and awareness about bullying. The album includes 12 songs voicing different scenarios about bullying, speaking from the perspective of the victims, bullies, teachers and parents, including My Friend Within and Hold On, Let Go.

Kismet Kids Foundation is a non-profit society dedicated to teaching and mentoring children using music, books and film, among other media.

For information about the Festival of Canadian Arts contact Rose-Marie Carreras at 604-898-9406. For more information about Kismet contact Lorrie Kohlman at 604-551-9113.