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Young artists needed


Whistler Friends of B.C.'s Children's Hospital is in need of a logo.

The organization is looking for submissions from children 16 and younger who love to draw, and would like to have their design featured as a logo.

As Whistler Friends of B.C.'s Children's Hospital are fundraisers for B.C.'s Children's Hospital Foundation, there is no monitary exchange for the work provided, however the story of the chosen art work would become part of the organization’s legacy.

If you have a child or know of a child who would like to submit a design/drawing please have them send it to: Dave Clark, 2101B Helm Place, Whistler, B.C., V0N 1B2.

For further information call 604-905-2533 or 604-938-7121.

Submission Deadline is Nov. 15. Please be sure to include a contact phone number with all submissions.