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Sounding off on Das Boot Ballet’s amateur night

Would you do it?

Would you dance naked in front of a revved up crowd? Would you doff your duds and plaster yourself all over the pole? Would you writhe and grind in front of paying patrons?

Would you be a stripper?

The question comes up in a hypothetical context at any given girls’ night out after the third bottle of red wine has been uncorked.

But things aren’t so hypothetical these days.

Thrice weekly, the Boot Pub hosts Das Boot Ballet, whereby patrons hungry for a little pub grub, a few beers and the sight of some naked female flesh can go three for three.

But tomorrow night, the Ballet is opening its arms to amateurs. That’s right girls. If you want to try your hand at the strip game, by all means, step right up. The Boot Pub will be more than happy to accommodate you. In fact, here’s the number to call if you want to sign up: 604-932-3338. Extension 112.

There’s money to be won, but the contest rules are fuzzy. Basically, they’re ready to reward enthusiasm. The world’s a stage and all you’ve got to lose are your clothes.

Of course you’ll be losing them in front of a local crowd that has been anticipating the event for weeks. The first amateur night was a bona-fide hit – people lined up outside before the bar even opened its doors. That’s why they’re doing it again. Not because no one came, but because they were turning people away.

So there it is.

In light of this new development Pique reporter Shelley Arnusch found some real Whistler girls and asked the newly loaded question: "Would you do it?"

I’m gonna go to it for sure, because it’s going to be a lot of fun, but I wouldn’t enter. I consider myself a pretty crazy, outgoing person, but not with nudity I guess, and definitely not in front of everyone I know in Whistler!

Caitlin Butcher, 19.

No. Not unless I was wasted!

Emily Mycroft, 21.

No, because my boyfriend would kill me. But if I was single, maybe.

Becka Robertson, 23.

I guess it depends on how much you’d win. For the right amount I’d do it.

Rachelle Reynolds, 25.

There’s no way. This sounds cheesy, but your body’s not for everybody.

Paula deJong, 19.

No way. I’d rather pass out drunk at Garf’s.

Khia Mercer, 21.

I would if I didn’t know anybody in Whistler.

Christina Cosgrove, 28.

Yes, if I was desperate for money, I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t have a boyfriend! But realistically, no. A bikini contest is as far as I’d go.

Hayley O’Neill, 19.

Probably not. Definitely not. I just don’t have it in me. I don’t have the moves.

Vicky Latour, 24.


Mary-Jane Lori, 18.

Hell no!

Jenna Vanderveen, 19.

No, because I’ve been a Whistler local for four years. I’ll leave my skills to my bedroom.

Adi Stettler, 26.

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