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Yohann Sheetz — going the extra distance


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Doing business in Whistler is never a straight-line thing. And Yohann suffered the slings and arrows of resort zoning issues and hotel management changes and difficult working conditions while trying to grow his client base. For a while he even worked out of his own garage. But all that strife, he says, is now behind him. "In the summer of 2011, I got a call from an old friend. It was Mr. Tony Medd, now the GM of the Summit Lodge. Mr. Medd, a former employee of the Listel Hotel, knew I was looking for a new space for my business. 'Come and see me at the Summit Hotel,' he told me. 'I have an amazing location for you. And I want you on my team.'"

Sounded interesting. For sure. But Yohann wanted assurances that he could eventually develop a fully-licensed commercial business at the hotel. Medd's response was promising. "He said to me: 'Let's do a year trial with you as valet and we will see if the owner of the Summit Lodge likes it and if you like it." Yohann's smile slowly spreads across his face. "Well," he says, "everything last year worked out as planned. I now have a long-term deal to develop a first class shop at the Summit Lodge."

Couldn't happen to a more enthusiastic Whistlerite...


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