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Year of the bike

WORCA emerges from a challenging year stronger than ever



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Patterson was also informed of an application to build a cell tower using reclaimed logging roads that are part of the Comfortably Numb trail. WORCA, with the support of Whistler council opposed the plan. As a result the company has moved the tower to another location that improves access to the Green Lake Loop trail.

As well, WORCA is a participant on the RMOW’s Cycling Task Force, which is committed to creating and implementing an overall recreational trail strategy for the municipality.

“On some projects, like A River Runs Through It, we’re participating and giving our input, and next year we both plan to do some work on the south end, which is going to get a lot busier with all the construction and athletes’ village,” said Patterson.

Patterson was reelected as Director of Planning for a second term.

Director of Web — WORCA rebuilt its website this year, and added the ability to handle online transactions for membership, youth dirt camps and the WORCA bike swap. There were a few issues, especially with registration for the youth dirt camps, but many of the bugs will be ironed out for next year.

The WORCA site receives 2,400 unique hits per month, and in July there were over 30,000 hits as members used the site to learn about Loonie races and visit the photo gallery. Next year Tracy Howlett plans to add a discussion forum to the site, as well as updated maps.

Howlett will return as the Director of Web for a second term.

Director of Freeride — The freeride position was busier than ever this year with record attendance at both the Phat Wednesday downhill series and the bi-weekly skills clinics.

This year the Phat Wednesday series averaged 130 riders per race, which was almost higher than the record race last year. The series also set a new record for attendance with 180 riders turning out for a ride down A-Line.

The Freeride series was also valuable in pulling in new members. This year 367 riders signed up for WORCA at Phat Wednesday races.

“That’s quite a big increase from last year, and in 2008 we’re working with Whistler-Blackcomb to host a few more races,” said freeride director Katherine Mulvihill.

The skills clinics were also a lot larger with an average of 17 people taking part every two weeks — far more than the previous year.

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