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y2k seminar

By now, nearly everyone has heard of "the Millennium Bug," and the "Y2K" acronym has become part of every-day conversation. But who should worry about the Year 2000 problem? The Whistler Community Access Project is sponsoring a presentation at the Whistler Public Library on Nov. 25 to raise awareness of the Year 2000 problem. Kendra Mazzei of Burnt Stew Computer Solutions and Ele Clarke, Whistler CAP co-ordinator, are offering this free overview at 7:30 p.m. The Year 2000 problem lies within the method of dating used in virtually every level of computing, including large mainframe computers, personal computers and date-sensitive electronic equipment such as bank vaults, elevators, security systems and VCRs. The problem is not exclusive to large companies or companies with extensive computer systems. Other popular misconceptions are: "They will come up with a solution," and "there is lots of time." In fact, many companies which have already addressed their systems’ Y2K compatibility will spend the next year testing, to make sure no parts of their systems or possible situations have been overlooked. The Nov. 25 presentation will discuss what the Year 2000 Problem is, who it could affect, what it could affect, why there is no quick fix solution, and what can be done in the next year to address the situation. There will be handouts available listing information sources in books and on the internet. The Whistler CAP Project is sponsored by the library and is funded by a grant from Industry Canada. The funding has provided two new computer/internet public access sites in the Internet Cafe at Whistler Secondary and public access computers at the Whistler Chamber of Commerce Employment Centre. Next week’s year 2000 presentation is part of CAP’s commitment to Industry Canada in return for funding support.

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