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WSSF to fly without Easter



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According to Perry, the format for the World Snowboarding Championships was created by an 18-member "style council" of industry representatives and athletes.

"We had 18 people on a conference call, kind of a round table thing, and everybody got to say what they wanted to do, and discussed what would work and what wouldn’t. It was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever been involved in."

There have been subsequent Style Council’s for the World Skiing Invitational and Pro Photographer Showdown. Opening a similar discussion with the community over the WSSF was the next logical step.

A number of "community think tanks" will also be held in the months leading up to the WSSF to gather community feedback. If you’re interested in attending these meetings, contact W1 at 604-938-3399.

W1 created from RCG split

What goes around comes around. Although it has changed names and alliances over the years, the new W1 is really just another incarnation of the World Sports Group, founded by Doug Perry in 1993 to create and promote events – notably the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival, which made its debut in 1996.

W1 was established in June of 2001 when Resort Communications Group (RCG), the previous producer of the WSSF, was split into two distinct groups; W1, which is run by Perry, and Whistler Resort TV, which is run by Don McQuaid.

W1 represents the unification of several "world" branded events under the direction of one management company:

• The World Technical Skiing Championships, which Doug Perry began in 1993;

• The World Ski and Snowboard Festival, which was the first ever joint marketing initiative between the Whistler Mountain Ski Corporation, Blackcomb Skiing Enterprises and the Whistler Resort Association (now Whistler-Blackcomb and Tourism Whistler);

• The World Skiing Invitational and the World Snowboarding Invitational.

World Sports Group took a break when Perry co-developed RCG in 1999, but is back under the W1 title. The team includes a number of professional contractors, including people who have been with the WSSF from the beginning.

"This core team is the driving force behind the contagious energy of the Festival," says Perry. "Each person brings their own unique strengths and experience to WSSF, and the collaboration and synergy of the group ensure the event’s ongoing growth and success. It’s the best event team in the business."