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Writers in Whistler: Winning Postcards


The Whistler Select Writing Awards, presented by the Vicious Circle, Watermark Communications, Whistler Blackcomb and Pique Newsmagazine, announces the winners of the Postcard Jam.

The newly established Whistler Select Writing Awards recognizes that great writing is the result of an intersection between place, perspective, craft and community. In addition to celebrating travel writing and non-fiction, the Awards’ Postcard Jam contest showcases the best undiscovered creative writing talents from the region. Forty entries were received by the Aug. 25 deadline in the Postcard Jam category.

The judges hailed the winning postcard stories as “fine slices of writing. A pleasure to read and no wasted words.”

Highly commended pieces were Pam Barnsley’s Olympic Rap and Nora Ryan’s Bewitched.

The first three winners will perform their stories for the Audience Choice award at the Whistler Readers and Writers Festival’s Saturday, Sept. 13 th Evening Readings, to warm the crowd up for keynote speakers Leslie Anthony, Candas Jane Dorsey and William Deverell, 8 p.m. at MY Place.

Be there to cheer on your favourite scribe in the race for Postcard Grand Poobah.

Tickets for the readings and jam-session are available online at www.theviciouscircle.ca , or can be purchased at the door, and are just $20.



First place: Don’t leave…


By Rebecca Wood Barrett

“Don’t leave,” says Nathan.

Richard stretches his toque over his ears. “I can hike out of here.”

“Be dark soon.”

Richard scrapes the ice crust from his snowboard. He doesn’t look at Nathan, doesn’t want to see the blanched patches on his nose, his earlobes, the creeping blue on his lips.

Nathan says, “Remember that guy who nearly died when he got his arm trapped under a boulder? He said he had some irrelevant, annoying song stuck in his head. That’s what got him out.”

Richard pats his chest with his glove, checks for the hard outline against his ribs. Comfort. He’ll open the flask when he’s out of sight. “When I come back, the rescue guys’ll long-line you out, Nate. Be the ride of your life.” He cinches his gloves tight.

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