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Dana, the Pique: Is it different winning the rap award yet again?

Prev : This year felt especially great as we made history being the first band to win best rap recording three years in a row, so we really took that to heart.

Liz, Alpine Meadows : Why do both the last two album titles have something to do with being scared and nightmares?

Prev : Ha, ha! It’s representative of the kind of elements we have in our music. We touch upon some dark stuff that in reality some people might shy away from but we do balance it with the other side of life, which is the celebration of what you’ve been given.

Mike, Pemberton: Is it hard getting noticed being from Victoria and Vancouver?

Prev : We never think of it like that. We’re super proud to be from B.C. but we never look at it as a plus or negative in anyway, it’s just our roots.

Hank, Creekside : Now that you guys have hit the big time in terms of mainstream airplay and popularity, do you ever miss those underground days when nobody knew who you were?

Prev: No because as an artist you want to be able to expose yourself to as many people as possible. I think there’s a little period where you question the integrity of what you’re doing the more popular your music becomes. But once you realize you’re still doing it out of the love and passion for it and as long as you’re still in a similar mindset as when you were underground, then there’s no problem with the fame.

Simon, Whistler Cay: How did it feel being initiated into the Rock Steady Crew? Do you think that really gave you guys the boost you needed to be taken more seriously?

Prev: Definitely. Rock Steady is a hugely respected crew across the entire globe and as far as groups go it’s just us, Dilated Peoples and The Arsonists. They are both groups we totally admire and look up to so it’s a great history to be a part of if we can be recognized in that vein by others.

Jane, Creekside : You guys have heaps of tattoos. Did you get any since you became Swollen Members and do they have any significance you want to share with us?