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Fanspique: Swollen Members answer fans questions about the Junos, their tattoos and being B.C. born and bred

Who: Swollen Members

Where: WSSF DKNY Jeans Outdoor Concert Series

When: Wednesday, April 16

It’s a pretty safe bet this legendary Canadian hip-hop outfit really don’t need much of an introduction in the pages of Pique. With three albums garnering Juno awards, their tracks played in most clubs around town and regular requests every day on MuchMusic, you’d have to have been hibernating all winter not to know who they are.

Swollen’s early songs are in loads of snowboarding videos and their most recent collaboration was with Nelly Furtado, a track titled Breathe. The video for Breathe was directed by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, further propelling the Members’ star factor.

However countless gigs over the years in Whistler has led them to form many friendships here, making them another member of our town’s extended rotating family. And yet they are perhaps the biggest thing to come out of B.C. since Mountain Equipment Co-op. They are now they’re taking their unique rap ’n’ rhyme flavour around the world.

So we turned the reporter’s mic over to the local fans this week, with Prevail answering all that you asked.

KP, Whistler: Being at the Junos again must have been a great experience. What’s your take on Canadian music this year and are there any Canadian artists that were or are an influence on you and your sound?

Prev : It was awesome being there again because we laid some good foundations at previous Junos with a lot of musicians. So this year it was more like a rekindling of sorts. What I really noticed was there’s this big misconception the scene is a big anonymous blanket that just rolls along doing its job, but it’s actually made up of people who are truly passionate about music, which was refreshing to see.

In terms of influence, Maestro Fresh Wes is a big hip hop influence on us. He’s definitely a pioneer and his first album is a classic. And Nelly, we’ve been friends for so long and I really enjoy her music and am really proud of what she’s done. I also admire Sum 41, Treble Charger and gob. And in terms of the Junos, we’ve always had respect for Shania. I consider her to be one of the key figures in the past four or five years who’s helped blow the Canadian music scene wide open. She was hilarious at the show. She totally got us, ha, ha. (Editor’s note: She almost sat on them live on air before quipping: "I wouldn’t dare sit down on a Swollen Member.")