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WORCA’s winning season

Mountain bike club celebrates at annual general meeting



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Planning director Guy Patterson also worked on WORCA's mandate to reintroduce bikes into areas of Garibaldi Park, and said the work will be slow.

"One thing I learned when I called (B.C. Parks) about reopening the park plan is that B.C. Parks is strapped for resources right now," he said. "In the past they have had eighth rangers patrolling Garibaldi full time, and now they have three."

Patterson stepped down after three years with the board, and was replaced by Dan Griffin.


Four Jacks draws web interest

The Director of Public Relations was busy this year creating a new website based on the WordPress blog template, which was upgraded to allow for credit card transactions - important for selling memberships early in the season, booking youth dirt camps, and processing credit cards at the annual WORCA bike swap.

The site was well used over the season with 44,000 hits, with the most traffic the day after the four-stage Four Jacks event organized by WORCA race director Tony Horn. The Four Jacks page was also the most visited post, followed by posts regarding Toonie Rides and Phat Wednesday races.

PR director Tracy Howlett also took a lead in organizing WORCA's 20 th anniversary events this year, which included the production of a 20-minute video on the history of WORCA.

Howlett stepped down after five years with the board, and was replaced by Vanessa Murphy.


All about races

Tony Horn stepped into the Director of Race position after it was left vacant following the 2008 AGM. WORCA backed a huge number of events this year, including a record 22 Toonie Rides, three weekend events (Four Jacks, Ken Quon Memorial and West Side Wheel Up) and nine Phat Wednesday and PhaSt Wednesday events.

Hosting the Toonie's has become a little more complicated in recent years with a new approval process at the municipality, but Horn said it was becoming easier as more sponsors are aware of the paperwork involved. As well, WORCA hired an executive director who is handling more of the responsibility.

The focus for the future, said Horn, is to make Toonie Rides safer and addressing issues like marshals, signage and courses.

"It's important to recognize that these are organic races, and that we don't have closed courses," he said. "That means dealing with the public... and so I would like a better safety plan implemented."