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WORCA winds up busy 15th year

Insurance, future of trails largest concerns at AGM



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Following presentations by directors, WORCA recognized Scott Green as their volunteer of the year for showing up to every trail maintenance event, and awarded him with a new pair of pruning shears and a folding saw that can fit in his hydration pack.

Wild Willies then presented WORCA with $865, which they collected in donations from their Come Ride With Us weekly mountain bike rides during the summer.

The meeting ended with WORCA’s elections.

Mike Watton stepped down from the role as president, assuming the role of past president on the board of directors.

Grant Lamont, the director of race, was the club’s uncontested choice as the new president.

"I just felt it was my turn," said Lamont. "One of the major reasons (I became president) is that we’ve made a lot of progress at the board level, and the club is in pretty good shape right now. But one thing we haven’t been actively pursuing is access, which is one of the main things I’d like to be involved with."

Lamont would like to see some of the trails in Garibaldi Park reopened for mountain bikers, which was one of the reasons WORCA was founded 15 years ago. With a new provincial park in the South Chilcotins, he would also like to preserve mountain bike access into that area.

"I think we’re in a position where we can point to what a great user group we are. We’ve done trail maintenance, we sit in on all the big stakeholder discussions, we don’t have to prove ourselves anymore…we’re no longer the black sheep of recreation, we’re also the good guys," explained Lamont.

As a parent, Lamont would also like to do more for youth that’s outside of the mountain bike park and race programs by pushing recreational riding. "The park is fantastic, they can go in there and really learn some skills, but there aren’t a lot of kids that are riding bikes for transportation. I’d like to see us do more to promote more non-competitive youth cycling," he said.

On the trail building side, Lamont would like to see WORCA get away from building stunts and get back into more traditional trail building and maintenance. "It’s great that we have all this stuff, all these neat little obstacles and stunts, but I’d like to get back to basics in a way and take care of the trails in a sustainable way," he said. "I’m a big fan of the work our trail builders have done. We’re already doing a good job there, taking care of the trails, and I think we could be doing even better."