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WORCA concerned by growing numbers of dirt bikes


In recent weeks, Whistler Off Road Cycling Association trail maintenance crews and members have noticed more and more dirt bikes using Whistler hiking and mountain biking trails, and they are concerned about the damage they are causing and the potential risk to safety.

"One trail they’re using is the Flank Trail, which goes through some sensitive areas," says WORCA president Keith Bennett. "It’s an area that’s closed to motorcycles, mostly because it’s environmentally sensitive, but also because it is a hiking and mountain biking trail.

The heavy dirt bikes have already damaged recently repaired sections of the trail, creating more work for WORCA trail crews. WORCA is putting up barriers and signs to prevent the dirt bikes from using the Flank Trail, but Bennett admits that there are very few places that "the two-stroke guys" can’t get to.

Dirt bike tracks have also been discovered on the Emerald Trail, which is part of the municipal Protected Areas Network.

Bennett says he has contacted the municipality and the RCMP about the problem and says WORCA will be looking at different ways to handle the problem.