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WORCA board to stay the course in 2009

Trail budget for 2008 will top $70,000



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Bickerton stepped down as director after two years, and the position will be filled by Julie Cummings.


Director of Membership

Mark Knight reported that WORCA had 1,138 members at the end of the season, about 22 riders short of last year. Broken down, almost 30 per cent of members are women, and almost 15 per cent are youth. As well, more than 200 riders signed up at the Phat Wednesday Downhill Series, hosted by Whistler-Blackcomb and sanctioned by WORCA.

As for insurance, Knight says he will continue to look at other options in the future but believes that rates will stay the same or decline slightly. Currently WORCA pays $28 to Cycling B.C. per member, while subsidizing youth and family memberships. He expects rates to remain the same next season at $40 for an adult membership.

Knight will return as the director.


Director of Trails

In addition to increasing the trail budget for contractors, Jerome David made an effort to increase the number of volunteer opportunities this season. He also kept track of volunteer hours, and found that volunteers contributed 590 hours to the trails this year — a total he would like to increase for next year.

“More people are being educated how to do the trail work, so the work getting done is of higher quality,” he said. “Next year we’ll work to get the hours up and get more work done that way.”

Trail projects include a rework of Cat Scratch Fever, work on Shit Happens, a new connector to White Knuckles called Creamsicle Rainbow, and new bridging on Anal Intruder.

The trail contractors worked on Kill Me Thrill Me, Comfortably Numb, Danimal, Tunnel Vision, Bob’s Rebob, and other trails, and have been busy working on an alternate climb up Lower Sproatt. One of those sections, Piece of Cake, was showcased at the West Side Wheel Up.

David will be returning for his third term as Director of Trails.


Director of Race

Benoit Reneault helped to organize 22 Loonie races this season, which were hosted with 45 sponsors providing food, refreshment and prizes. As well, WORCA sanctioned three weekend races, the Ken Quon Ride On, the West Side Wheel Up and the Soo Valley Rumble.

Total turnout was over 4,500 riders this year, or an average of over 204 riders per race.

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