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WORCA board returns with no changes

New record for membership



There are few organizations in town that demand as much from their volunteer board members as the Whistler Off Road Cycling Association, with a packed calendar of events from April to October. And yet it's generally pretty easy to find people willing to step into those positions when they open up every year at the AGM.

However, that wasn't even an issue this year, as every single member of the 2009-2010 board agreed to return for the 2010-2011 season under now second-term president John Blok.

It was a different story last year with six new people on the board.

"We have lots of jobs to complete, and with six new board members it probably took half a year for everyone to get up to speed with everything that was going on," said Blok. "Then everything started to snowball, and the good news is we've already got some of the things done for next year that need to be done."

The meeting started with reports from directors.


Money in the bank

WORCA will finish the season with a small surplus after raising more money than budgeted through memberships and the annual bike swap, then spending more than budgeted for online registration and credit card fees and for WORCA's youth dirt camps.

In total, WORCA spent over $19,000 on trail work this year, plus another $1,434 on trail supplies. That number could increase in the next few weeks as work continues on several projects.

WORCA's youth dirt camps raised $40,640 from registration, plus another $13,553 from the annual bike swap, which was almost equal to the $52,387.79 spent on the camps. However, WORCA contributed additional resources to programs like coaching for the high school team and four youth Toonie Ride nights.

Arguably the biggest bang for WORCA's buck were volunteer trail days. WORCA spent slightly less than $300 to host trail sweeps and maintenance days through the season, but were rewarded with an estimated 540 hours of volunteer work - the equivalent of 13 weeks for a paid trail contractor, and a value over $13,000.

James Brooks is returning to the board as treasurer for a seventh year.


New record for members

WORCA set a new record for membership with 1,515 - eight more than the previous record set last year. According to membership director Steve Boorne, that number includes 1,154 adults and 361 juniors. Of the adults, there were 796 males and 357 females. For juniors the breakdown was 246 boys and 115 girls.

For next year Boorne will be looking to tighten up WORCA's insurance policy to better reflect events like Phat Wednesday races and individual races held through the season. WORCA may also consider adjusting fees slightly, after keeping them frozen at $40 for an adult for the past six years.

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