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Won't somebody think of the children?

LETTER: For the week of Sept. 5


I empathize with the writer of the "Topless March in Poor Taste" letter from the Aug. 29 Letters to the Editor. I cannot believe children (!!) had to see topless women during the march! I, for one, prefer to blindfold my baby when I breastfeed her, lest she discover that she has been receiving nourishment for the past 10 months from breasts, of all things. Won't somebody think of the children?!

And, of course, "flaunting their nakedness" (as the writer put it) will only result in disrespect for these women's bodies—because nothing says "respect yourself!" quite like forcing someone to cover up and feel ashamed of their own body. Avert your eyes, young men. It starts with a topless march to protest women's rights, then before you know it, BAM—teenage pregnancy!

Thankfully, as the writer mentioned, the fine men of Whistler are never seen around town shirtless, especially at the park and by the lake.

Magee Walker // Squamish