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Women’s hockey scouting players


The Whistler Women’s Hockey League is looking for a few good players to round out the league this year.

Every year the league has a draft in which the new players are asked to go through drills and show off their skills. The teams then draft the players they need from the pool, rounding out their rosters.

This year the draft is on Tuesday, Sept. 16 at Meadow Park Sports Centre. The draft runs from 8:15 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and players should come dressed in full equipment. The cost is $10 per participant to cover the ice time, and all girls who want to play have to pre-register by contacting league president Cathy MacLean at 604-932-4412 or

In addition, three teams are looking for goalies this year: the Blackcomb Killer Bees, the Pemberton Ice Caps and Spicy Sports.

If you’re a goalie or ever thought about goaltending, contact Christine with the Blackcomb Killer Bees at 604-935-3145, Manon with Spicy Sports at 604-938-1145, or Justine with the Pemberton Ice Caps at 604-938-1788.