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Women's group examines status in the workplace On Dec. 11, WomenL.E.D. of Squamish is hosting an all-day public forum on the status of women in the workplace. The morning session features keynote speaker Carol Ward-Hall, a long-time campaigner for women's rights. In the first afternoon session women will be encouraged to share their stories. In the second session, a panel of local business women will share their own stories and field questions from the audience. WomenL.E.D. is a project by the Howe Sound Women's Centre on Economic Development and the Women of Squamish, to promote leadership, literacy and economic development for, by, and about women in the Squamish area. The "Sharing Stories" workshop is only the first phase of the project. It will be followed in the coming months by Phase 2, which will assess what opportunities and barriers exist for women in Squamish, and by Phase 3, which will identify strategies for dealing with those barriers. More information on WomenL.E.D. is available from the Howe Sound Women's Centre. All women are welcome to attend the first forum at Howe Sound Inn on Dec. 11, starting 9 a.m.

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