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Women in music and laughing about it

Edith Wallace joins like-minded talent in Women and Song for folk, world music, jazz evening



What: Women and Song

When: Thursday, Aug. 3

Where: Eagle Eye Theatre, Squamish

Tickets: $20/$15

An opening introduction to Edith Wallace over the phone was like stepping inside the creative space where she creates her music; a space of extreme sentiment and hilarity.

Only ever wearing what she jokes as stones and twigs, Wallace fills me in on how her husband gave her a sum of money to purchase jewelry to celebrate the couple’s 18th wedding anniversary last Monday. Wallace has no wedding ring. She opted for a new kayak instead.

Diamonds don’t dazzle this musical comedian. In a sea of sparkling whites, she was fishing for the gaudy purple amethyst, but settled on a square citron with diamonds down each side.

"Why would you pay thousands of dollars for a ring?" she asks. "It was the cost of a new kayak. So I went for the kayak instead… I have a dear friend who is a jeweler who said I needed to get into some good stuff. You should have seen the beautiful things we were looking at. I had to wipe my spit off of them I was drooling so much. I put on these pearl earrings and nearly fainted on the floor when she told me they were $4,000."

The charm of Wallace’s music rests in her everyday life: the sharing of what most people pass off as the ordinary, a vulnerability and honesty that goes as far as a song title called Man You are Fat and a sense of humour that lights the way even in the darkest of times – all coming together in a guest appearance in Women and Song Thursday, Aug. 3 at 8 p.m. at the Eagle Eye Theatre in Squamish.

Wallace will also be joined by Women and Song event host Imbeau as well as musical talents such as The Shirleys, Nadine McNeil and Ali Milner, all coming together for a mixed playbill of jazz, country, folk, world music and more.

"I’ve been to concerts where singers sing an hour and half of misery," she said, laughing. "You can’t do that. Some have tried, but I don’t think life is all sad or all funny."

Her second album, Bare Breasted in Bali: And Other Naughty Bits… And Pieces , illustrates the wonderful humour she brings to sentiments many women can relate to. Song titles include the Weight Watchers Blues, Come Rest in My Cleavage, He’s Got a Little Weenie (That’s Why He Drives a Sexy Car), and I Want a Man Like the Man in the Harlequin Romances – don’t we all.

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