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Woman escapes attempted sexual assault in Whistler after fighting off attackers, police say

Police Briefs: Inappropriate touching at club; Gaper Day crowd well behaved; Village properties damaged



Investigators are searching for a group of unidentified males after a woman was allegedly “coerced” into a car by three men who took her to their residence in an attempt to sexually assault her, police said.

On the morning of May 27, a man attended the Whistler RCMP detachment to report the attempted assault on his girlfriend, who he said entered a taxi with the males the previous night.

Police said the woman was at the males’ residence for about 20 minutes “as they tried to get her into a bedroom,” explained Staff Sgt. Steve LeClair. The woman escaped unharmed after “she fought back and left on foot.” She said no sexual assault took place.

“The investigation is in the early stages,” LeClair added. “We’re trying to identify the residence and that type of thing.”

Surrey man arrested for ‘inappropriately touching’ woman at nightclub

A 33-year-old Surrey man was arrested last week after he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman at a village nightclub, police said.

Just before 2 a.m. on May 28, Mounties got a call from a woman saying her daughter’s friend was “inappropriately touched.”

Officers reviewed surveillance footage and made inquiries with local nightclubs. They also met with the alleged victim, but were unable to obtain a statement as she was intoxicated at the time, LeClair said. The victim’s friend, however, was able to provide a description of the suspect, who was arrested the following night.

He was subsequently released with a future court date, police said.

Woman reportedly spits blood at nightclub staff

Staff at a local nightclub is pressing charges against a 25-year-old Surrey woman after she stuck up for her boyfriend by allegedly spitting blood at several doormen.

Just before 1 a.m. on May 29, police received a report of a 30-year-old North Vancouver man who was refusing to leave the village club after being kicked out. While the caller was on the line, the male allegedly attempted to fight with doorstaff before the call was cut off.

The male ultimately got off scot-free as staff decided not to press charges since he was “unable to complete his assault on door staff,” LeClair added.

Police searching for males who allegedly damaged village properties

Mounties are investigating several instances of mischief after two males were caught on security footage damaging a number of village properties last week, police said.

The video from the early hours of May 25 showed two males “hurling concrete bricks” at the front glass doors of a building on Blackcomb Way, explained LeClair. The doors were damaged, but remained intact. There was also some graffiti written on a nearby wall in chalk that read “RATM,” which police believe stands for “Rage Against the Machine.”

Around the same time, pool furniture belonging to a hotel, also on Blackcomb Way, was damaged and thrown into a pool, police said. A rental vehicle belonging to the hotel was also damaged.

Several vehicles rummaged through in Pemberton

Police are reminding the public to lock their cars after several vehicles were rummaged through over the course of two days last week.

Pemberton RCMP received reports of at least nine vehicles being accessed in the 1400 block of Vine Road on May 24 and 25. Each of the cars was left unlocked, police said.

LeClair said only minor items were taken, such as sunglasses and multi-tools.

Boozy Gaper Day crowd ‘relatively well behaved’

Gaper Day, the last official day of mountain operations that typically brings hundreds of revelers to Blackcomb’s peak, passed without incident this week.

Three RCMP officers attended the historically drunken celebrations on May 30, and although there was “a bit of concern” with the level of alcohol consumption, police did not issue any tickets.

“We did quite a bit of liquor pour-outs throughout the day,” LeClair said. “But if you overlook the open alcohol consumption, the crowd was relatively well behaved. There were no reports of any assaults or that type of thing.”

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