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Winning the Fight

Daffodil Day on April 27 is a special day to reflect, help and show support for those living with cancer



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This month he was back on his bike, competing for the first time again.

"I placed 16th, which wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but you know what, I had fun and was just glad to be back on the bike and not too bothered with it," he shrugs.

The past year has brought the Geddes family closer together. And Nick has been changed profoundly.

"I tend not to look at stuff as critically as a I used to," he says.

Where once he would have been thinking about races weeks ahead of time, planning about what time he wanted and how he was going to get it, now he takes a more day-by-day approach.

"I've noticed that he's noticing more around him," says his mom.

Earlier this year the Geddes family travelled to Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands on a family holiday. For six weeks Nick didn't see any doctors, had no hospital visits and simply had time to live.

They probably took about 500 pictures of sunsets while they were on vacation, they say laughing about it as they think back on their holiday.

Because, it just may be that for Nick sunsets will never look quite the same again.

Daffodil Days are here

The Canadian Cancer Society is in the homestretch of its annual Daffodil campaign.

In Whistler daffodils were on sale over the April 14-15 weekend and the community came out in force.

"People were very generous," said Sue Woods, manager of revenue development for the Canadian Cancer Society. "Both the community and the visitors."

The annual campaign, with its signature cheerful yellow flower is designed not only to raise funds but also awareness about cancer. It is gaining momentum year-over-year, she added, particularly the new daffodil pins that were created in B.C. in 2010 and have now spread nationally.

"It's showing your sign of support for those that are on their cancer journey," said Woods, of wearing a pin or buying the daffodils.

"We may not understand what they're going through but... they're not alone."

The final tally on the Whistler numbers isn't complete and the fundraising across the country continues until the end of the month.

Daffodil Day has been designated as Friday April 27.

The society appeals to Canadians to take a moment on this day to think about the thousands of people who are living with cancer and to remember those who have died.