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Wilson wins federal Liberal nomination



Organization played key role in getting party members out to vote

Blair Wilson was the least experienced candidate for the federal Liberal nomination in the riding of West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast, but by the time the votes were counted it was clear he wanted the position the most.

Wilson defeated John Moonen and Phil Boname over two rounds of voting last week in what he described as one of the most intense times of his life.

"On the night of the election I drank enough Gatorade and ate enough Power Bars to keep my system going, it was an ironman effort in the last three or four days; just so intense," Wilson said.

There are about 1,800 Liberal members in the West Vancouver Sunshine Coast riding but the results show that only 754 voted to chose a candidate last week.

Wilson won the Liberal nomination on the second ballot with 397 votes, which was a 56.2 per cent majority, ahead of Moonen who had 357 votes.

Bonhame was third on the first ballot and, with no candidate having a majority, was dropped for the second round of voting.

Wilson came to Whistler a month ago campaigning for better technology to be used in the voting process and in the end that’s exactly what gave him the edge on Moonen and Boname.

Wilson set up virtual polling stations at all the polling booths around the West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast riding so his team could monitor who was voting.

"We had an incredible team, the team worked so hard planning for the one night," he said.

"We’ve never done it before so we didn’t know exactly the procedure but the one thing we were able to do is have a great team of scrutineers.

"We had three lab tops all hooked up in the five different locations and we were online with each of our scrutineers in each of the locations so we knew real time data about how many supporters came out and who had voted.

"Every hour we’d get an update as to who we had to contact that hadn’t voted next.

"Besides working extremely hard and being surrounded by dedicated people, the technology definitely helped us out because we could instantly print out lists of supporters that were nearby.

"This way we knew when it came down to the last hour… who we could call."

At just 40 years of age and with no previous political experience Wilson’s win against Moonen and Boname was unexpected but it is an indication that Liberals in this riding want a fresh approach in the next federal election.

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