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Willy Whistler, the affable hoary marmot, is back in town. Entrepreneur James Millership and the Whistler Resort Association reached an agreement last Friday which will allow Millership to use the name and persona of mascot Willy Whistler. Although the WRA will retain the trademark on Willy, Millership has a licensing agreement which will allow him to market Willy on T-shirts, hats and other souvenir merchandise. The wiggling Willy made his first conflict-free appearance at the Canada Day Parade. Millership said that Willy is available to appear at events on a donation basis, with the donation going to a community project. "I want him to be a community mascot," said Millership. "He's available to everyone, whether it's a birthday party or the downhill." The WRA designed the original Willy, but hasn't used the image much in the past several years. The WRA abandoned a trademark application for Willy in 1987, but still claimed him as their own. When Willy started making appearances again last fall the WRA stuck Millership with a cease and desist order. "We've now come to an arrangement," said Millership. "It's great to have Willy back."

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