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Wildfire put out near One Mile Lake

Pemberton Fire Service investigating cause of fire



A wildfire close to One Mile Lake that was reported to local fire crews Saturday, Sept. 20, has been put out and did not result in any significant damage, said Pemberton’s fire chief.

Multiple reports came in to the fire service late Saturday morning of a wildfire directly above One Mile Lake off of Highway 99, said new Pemberton fire chief Robert Grossman.

Crews from B.C.’s Ministry of Forests also attended the affected area, roughly 100 feet by 250 feet, Grossman said. By evening, the fire had been contained and extinguished. No injuries were reported.

“Forestry sent an initial crew boss up and we consulted with him and had a face-to-face with him, and they got a chopper in and dropped a few buckets (of water),” he added in an interview with local media.

The Pemberton Fire Service is currently looking for any remaining hot spots in the area and is investigating the cause of the blaze.

No live trees were affected, Grossman added, and the fire did not impact any hiking trails in the area.

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