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Whole Lotta Led goes local

Whistler's hard-rocking foursome share their favourite Led Zeppelin tunes and highlights from their eight-year reign



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P.R.: No competition there: imagine 10,000 Nine Inch Nails fans hearing live Zeppelin from across the Pemberton festival grounds, and just leveling the perimeter fence to rush the stage and crowd surf. It happened! I was there, man. It was almost like having NIN open for us...


Pique: What's the craziest thing you've ever seen someone in the audience do during a show?

G.R.: Ummm... I really shouldn't say.

P.R.: Well, in Nelson the singer for BCDC managed to fall into seven different tables. I guess he was having a grand time.

T.R.: Besides the common sight of Johnny Thrash getting naked and dangling from the light rack at The Boot years ago, a friend of ours who has a really hot wife was in the crowd at Dusty's one time, and some guy obviously said the wrong thing to her. Like a pit-bull, he turned to the guy and punched him three times so fast he had no idea what happened, until he noticed his nose was broken and he was bleeding pretty hard.


Pique: Now, you guys are getting ready to kick-off yet another season in Whistler with a show at Merlin's. Any predictions for the 2010/2011 season ahead?

P.R.: My prediction is: awholelottasnow... and better performances with the usual awesome crowd.

T.R.: Lots of snow regular gigs and sun.

G.R.: My crystal ball is broken...


Pique: Anything else you'd like to add or mention?

G.R.: A good friend from Vancouver, Heather, was a big supporter of this band. She would often convince a bunch of her friends to drive up to Whistler to see us and enjoy the town... they were always up near the front dancing and having a great time. Heather and her friends had already made the plan to attend this show as well, but sadly, she died as a result of a climbing accident on Nov 26. I'd like to dedicate this show to her. Heather Gray, this one's for you.