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Whole Lotta Led goes local

Whistler's hard-rocking foursome share their favourite Led Zeppelin tunes and highlights from their eight-year reign



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G.R.: Husky Ray is great; no one has seen more shows than him. But there are many other loyal fans that come to lots of shows and we really appreciate it. You know who you are!

P.R.: The biggest fan is without a doubt Husky Ray. He has missed only one show in Whistler and has come on the road with us everywhere. He's like the roadie, but doesn't get paid (except for a few wobbly pops, that is).

T.R.: ( Name deleted ); she is almost always there and at an outdoor gig in Pemby once, she was topless most of the night. If that's not a fan, I don't know what is.


Pique: In almost eight years of performing in Whistler, you must have some thoughts on our local music scene. How do you think Whistler's live music scene could be improved? Or do you think it needs to be?

P.R.: The scene here is quite colourful, I think. There are a lot of musicians and bands to cover the whole spectrum. Want reggae? See Kostas. Want classic rock? See The Hairfarmers.
 Want heavy metal? See Whisky Shivers and many others. Want punk? Too many available...

T.R.: I think Whistler's music scene can only improve with new blood. There seems to be an emergence of young talented musicians in Whistler, which will drive the level of performers up. I think the only thing missing in this world-class resort is a proper venue to have A-list bands come up here. Most of them travel to Vancouver - why not bring them to Whistler? A venue the size of the Commodore in Vancouver or the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon would be unreal. With a dedicated sound system, lighting rack and the proper professionals to run it, Whistler could be a year-round attraction with music. The Celebration Plaza site will be OK for live music, but once again, it's facing a lot of residential places, so the hours of performance will be limited. People like myself will travel a long way to see the right band. But I won't go to Whistler to see the same old patio players and lounge acts that the town has so much of.


Pique: Almost all of your shows are sold-out affairs. Tell me about one of the most memorable gigs you've played.

G.R.: Pemberton Festival was off the hook. After the fence came down and thousands of people poured in we had the RCMP tell us that we had to stop playing - too many people, liquor laws, etc... I explained that if he pulled the plug he'd probably have a riot on his hands, so he said, "OK, just play something mellow." We launched straight into The Ocean... hahaha... Not exactly mellow, but fun as hell, and we got to finish the show! Also one sold-out show in Nelson at the Royal where by the end of the night the bar looked almost de-constructed!