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Whole Lotta Led goes local

Whistler's hard-rocking foursome share their favourite Led Zeppelin tunes and highlights from their eight-year reign



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T.R.: I hear dirty blues with great improvisational embellishments that added a psychedelic feel; it's timeless because it's rooted in blues, which everybody can listen to and understand. I love it because you can play it passionately and that passion comes through in the performance.


Pique: Name your top three Led Zeppelin tunes to listen to.

G.R.: The live version of No Quarter, When the Levee Breaks, and In the Light.

P.R.: It's hard to choose from so many awesome tracks, but I would have to say: No Quarter (live from Madison square), The Rain Song and Braun Y Aur.

T.R.: Zeppelin songs I listen to and groove to: Achilles Last Stand, Battle of Evermore and anything from Led Zep 3 .


Pique: Is it at all intimidating to be covering such a legendary group?

G.R.: Yes, to a point because you want to play it really well, but that's what makes it exciting as well. In a tribute band you always have the chance to one-up yourself and do it just a little bit better every show.

P.R.: Intimidating? Actually the second show was intimidating cause we had to be as good or better than the first... But any show we play now, I can't wait to start and get that crowd hopping.

T.R.: No, it's more of a challenge to pull off some of the songs so they sound right and don't sound contrived.


Pique: Technically, Page & Co. were pretty incredible, so it must have taken some practice to master some of their tunes. Were there any that were particularly challenging to add into the repertoire?

G.R.: Achilles Last Stand is probably the toughest arrangement.

P.R.: Achilles Last Stand was the hardest, I think. I had printed out the structure of the song for the band to rehearse. Greg looked at it and his jaw dropped. He looked at me and said, "This looks like a computer virus."

T.R.: Achilles Last Stand and The Song Remains the Same, the latter being one long guitar solo, so Phil never has a chance to rest.


Pique: What would you say is the most requested song?

G.R.: Stairway to Heaven is still right up there! Ramble On.

P.R.: The two most requested songs are usually Stairway to Heaven, of course, and Tangerine.

T.R.: Ramble On or Stairway To Heaven.


Pique: You guys have developed a pretty loyal following over the years, since playing that first gig at The Boot back in 2002. Who do you think is the biggest Whole Lotta Led fan in Whistler?