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Who came first?




By Nicole Fitzgerald

Who: BC/DC

When: Friday, Jan. 12

Where: Longhorn Saloon

Tickets: $10

Who was the better AC/DC frontman: Bon Scott or Brian Johnson?

BC/DC frontman Mike Hodall says neither — although he says they both sound very similar to their lead singer for BC/DC.

Rock and roll fans will have to determine their own answers at the BC/DC concert Friday, Jan. 12 at the Longhorn Saloon.

So it all boils down to the chicken and the egg question. What came first AC/DC or BC/DC?

Apparently both. Hodall explains.

“Originally when our band first started, we had to hire a shopping mall boy band to sing our songs — we realized we were too ugly, so we hired a guy better looking, until science developed something to make us more good looking,” he said.

The secret to science turned out to be a large cow suit, which Hodall dons every show. He claims the ladies can’t get enough of it.

So Pique Newsmagazine rephrases the question: What BC/DC rip off is better: Scott’s or Johnson’s?

“I prefer Bon’s rip off,” Hodall said. “Today Brian is so lazy to write songs. They are too busy lounging on their yachts to put together an album.”

Scott died in 1980, drowning in his own vomit after passing out on his back from a night of partying. Johnson stepped up to the mic.

While many AC/DC fans might peg Back in Black — the only album combining the songwriting of Scott with the vocals of Johnson — as a favourite album, it might take a little more scouring to find Hodall’s favourite album, BC/DC Comes Alive .

“It really captures the earnest true working man rock that we so love to write and it’s got some really good pictures that show off my bitching heavy metal hair,” Hodall said.

That’s okay because audiences will hear it at the Whistler concert, along with other songs strangely similar to AC/DC favourites. Highway to Hell is a staple for the BC/DC show along with T and T — all songs that live on and will continue to live on for years to come.

“I think they last because we wrote such fantastic songs,” Hodall said. “They are so complex and deep with lyrical meaning that works for every person that listens to them.”

BC/DC rocks out those lyrics harder and louder than ever with sold-out shows up and down the West Coast and across western Canada. The band plans to head overseas later this year for tours in Europe and Japan.

“People can expect push ups, sit ups and a lot of aerobic exercise from the show,” Hodall said.

Tickets are $10.

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