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Whistler's VIBE Dance is full of Ordinary Miracles

Dance studio holds its year-end production this Friday through Sunday at Millennium Place



Heather Thom has been working 16-hour days.

Well, she's been working more than that, if you consider all the time spent pondering and reconsidering the final touches of the VIBE Dance Studio's upcoming year-end spectacle, Ordinary Miracles. The 16-hour days are merely what she's putting in at the studio. And no, it's nothing out of the ordinary.

She'll have it no other way, you see. Anyone who's seen VIBE's past shows knows that Thom's the go-big-or-go-home type of artist. End the year with a bang and jump in to the next one.

Other dance studios typically will hold a year-end recital featuring two hours of dance routines. Not VIBE. It has sets designed specifically for the event. It has costumes and characters and three year olds prancing about the stage. The show is about the story.

"For the audience, it creates such a more enjoyable experience when it is something in a story line, when it is something they can really get involved in when they're watching," Thom says in a phone interview with Pique.

"It opens it up to being not just parents of dancers that would enjoy watching the show," she says. "If you're not a dancer or you don't have a dancer in the show, it is still a really enjoyable show to watch. It's entertaining to watch all around."

There is a plot twist that no amount of pestering or bribing will convince her to reveal.

"I don't like to spoil the surprise," she says. "I think it's more impactful for the audience to experience it fresh without knowing what they're going into."

VIBE's productions have been immensely popular in the past and have sold out every year — tickets are very near to selling out, so jump on those remaining post-haste, lest you be supremely disappointed.

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