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Whistler’s real estate market shows no sign of cooling off



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Smyth said the approximately $1 billion increase in the Whistler assessment roll reflects increases in market values for many properties, but also includes subdivisions, rezoning and new construction.

Any new subdivision or rezoning registered with the land title office as of Nov. 30 last year is included in the assessment roll.

That means lots in the new Spring Creek subdivision are not yet on the assessment roll.

Whistler council only voted Nov. 20 to approve a development permit for the Spring Creek subdivision, which put Intrawest in a position to apply for subdivision of the single-family lots in that area.

Houses that had been partially constructed were valued as they stood by Oct. 30 last year.

A half-finished house as of Oct. 30, for example, would go on the roll at half its completed value.

Whistler property owners should have received their individual assessment notices advising them of the assessed value of their homes by Jan. 15. More than 12,000 notices have been mailed to Whistler property owners

"If any property owners feel their property assessment is not reflective of market value as of July 1, 2000, or the information contained in their assessment notice is incorrect, they are encouraged to contact B.C. Assessment directly," said Smyth.

Lists of assessments by address are also available at municipal hall.