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Whistler's art community flourishing

Spring Break special web series



Whistler during Spring Break is the place to be and over the next few days Pique will provide details of Whistler's most popular spring time activities. Every day a new activity will be profiled and in this report we feature the resort's artistic community.

First came the businesspeople, dreamers and developers. The hippy-jocks followed. Then, in no particular order, came the professionals, realtors, bureaucrats, hospitality workers and, finally, the artists. All good things come to those who wait.

Truth be told, Whistler's had an arts scene for years. It just thrived underground. Talented local photographers practically invented winter sports action photography. We've been surrounded by entertaining writers for decades.

But the past few years have seen an explosion. Whistler's arts scene is not just alive and well, it's thriving. The beauty of the town's natural setting, the vibrancy of our mountain culture, the vast playground we share have all contributed to attracting artists — as well as people who only discovered their inner artist once they moved here — and creating a local, critical mass of talent.

Painters, sculptors, ceramicists, multi-media artists, writers, actors, playwrights, photographers and filmmakers all call Whistler home and all contribute to the rich fabric of the local arts scene. The village has long boasted many fine art galleries, but more and more local artists are opening their own galleries; many welcome visitors to their studios and workshops for a first-hand look at their creations.

If you want a lasting piece of Whistler, think art.