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Whistlerite embarks on Antarctic voyage



A Whistler resident is sailing through the south Pacific this week to study polar tourism and climate change.

Sandra Borton, 26, is one of 70 students chosen to take part in a global university program called Students on Ice, designed to exposes students to the Antarctic environment.

Her 17-day voyage began on Thursday, Feb. 12, at the southern tip of Chile. From there, she will travel across the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula on board an icebreaker, a ship designed for icy waters.

"One of my big goals is to help others appreciate nature's special places and encourage them to take positive actions in caring for our planet," said the part-time Whistler resident who is enrolled in Thompson Rivers University's Adventure Tourism program.

"I know we can't all go to Antarctica, so I am committed to share what I will learn with others."

When she returns to British Columbia, Borton plans to give a talk in Whistler about her experiences in Antarctic waters.

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