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How's your downward dog?

Yoga in Whistler is abundant. People here know, or learn when they are here that yoga is a wonderful tool that opens the door to the awareness and strength within, first through their bodies and then through their minds. Seasoned practioners are finding themselves drawn to the meditational element of yoga and Whistler's yoga community is becoming more ready to delve into their minds with an ever increasing interest in and demand for meditation.

"The people here are the type of people that really get life. In essence, those that are here are freedom seekers. While there is an element of wanting to see and be seen, and be fashionably trendy, or 'sick,' this eventually falls away," says yoga instructor Tanya DiValentino of Inform Fitness and Wellness Studio. "What this leaves with local people is the reality of who that person is, or an increased awareness of who that person is, especially when no one is looking. Who you are is what yoga eventually helps you discover. It's much more than poses."

Whistlerites are, in general, extremely physical people. Fit and intelligent risk takers, fun seekers, open with their hearts and their minds. Yoga, while considered an attraction for many visitors, is a binding force for Whistler's proactive population. A yoga class is often an opening for the meeting of existing and new friends and strengthening of community that shares resources and ideas. It's also a place where people can enter the true self. You may notice that people who practice yoga are also the type who support healthy environmental practices, who speak out for their beliefs and who exist with minimal impact on their surroundings. They are people who are generous with their time, affection and resources and they are some of the people who are working to make this a more successful resort community.

Yoga is often viewed as cross-training or supplementary exercise for the avid skier or mountain biker. For most, it starts on this physical level. Once a commitment and understanding is made to yoga, real growth seems to naturally flow. Investigation on how the subconscious works, following through on your word and respect for others ensues. When you get to know a Whistler yogi, the interaction has depth.

For those fortunate to be in Whistler, there is no better time to test the validity of the universal law of cause and effect via a 30-day yoga challenge or experimentation with meditation at some of the yoga studios in Whistler such as NeoAlpine, Solarice or Inform. With time and practice, it becomes clear that the more time spent either in asana, meditation or simply being around aware people, the more positive impact this has on one's overall health. Macrocosmically, this impact translates to the overall health of a community.

Whistler, with a growth rate of 1.05 per cent per year is attracting sustainable contributors with the ability to wear many hats - often a sign of a well-rounded individual. The effect of yoga in this town aids in creating a cohesive existence with our natural surroundings. It is also providing those who choose to do the practice with the increased ability to flow through life with ease due to the flexibility and interconnectedness of the mind and body.

Whistler, despite its small population, offers ample opportunity for people to develop their practice through the availability of over 100 classes per week at seven studios and public facilities. See for the extensive list of yoga class times and locations.

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