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Whistler workers leave cars at home



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In two months, the Whistler Way will conduct a follow-up survey to determine what impact the Commuter Challenge has had on investors. According to last year’s poll of Challenge participants, the number of participants who typically drive single passenger vehicles dropped off significantly during the Challenge, and only increased slightly again once the contest was over.

Another study in February found that the percentage of drivers in single passenger vehicles increased once again, but still remained below the original number.

"That shows that the Commuter Challenge is having an effect on people said DalSanto.

The Whistler Way will once again poll participants in this year’s challenge, as well as study the results to see where they can make the biggest difference next year. One area that DalSanto wants to target is the restaurant sector.

To see how your business did in the 2003 Commuter Challenge, the complete results are posted on the RMOW Web site at

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