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Whistler voters to hear candidates May 5


Whistler voters will get their chance to grill the West Vancouver-Garibaldi candidates May 5, when an all-candidates meeting will be held at the Delta Whistler Resort at 3 p.m.

There were still only four candidates for the West Vancouver-Garibaldi riding as Pique Newsmagazine went to press this week – Liberal MLA Ted Nebbeling, NDP candidate Barrie MacLeod, Peter Tatroff of the Green party and Robert Adam of the Marijuana party. Candidates can be nominated up to 1 p.m. on May 3, 13 days prior to the May 16 election.

The list of candidates in the local riding, and the parties they represent, has changed from the last provincial election in 1996. At that time there were six candidates, representing the Natural Law, B.C. Conservative, Libertarian, Social Credit, Progressive Democratic Alliance and Reform parties, as well as the Liberal, NDP and Green parties. Since then Reform has been suspended for improper financial disclosures and Gordon Wilson’s PDA ceased to exist when he joined the NDP. The Social Credit, B.C. Conservative and Natural Law parties are still among the 35 registered political parties in B.C. but are all considered fringe parties. The Libertarians are no longer registered.

Out of Reform’s ashes, or at least some of its ashes, the Unity party pledged to make a showing in this election. But according to the Elections BC’s Web site at the beginning of this week, the Unity party had candidates in only 11 ridings.

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