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Whistler vision

Whistler council, after a three-day retreat, has started to develop a "vision" for Whistler for the next three years. Mayor Hugh O’Reilly said Wednesday some aspects of the municipality "haven’t kept pace to deliver what the community wants." The "Blueprint" for the future was the result of an intense workshop with senior staff, including administrator Jim Godfrey who has participated in such workshops previously. It includes developing the values, goals and objectives required to support the vision. "It was very productive, I’ve never been through one so extensive," said O’Reilly, who outlined the process at Wednesday’s chamber of commerce luncheon. "Everyone was very challenged. The process of how we got there was fascinating." Council will be finalizing a draft of the blueprint shortly and then taking it to the community for input. "Whistlerites care about this community and want to be partners in any process that will help shape our future," O’Reilly said in a press release. "This is an exciting opportunity, we now have to receive the community’s input before we go to the next step." O’Reilly said similar exercises are being carried out by other communities, including Vail which is developing a strategy called Vail Tomorrow.