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Whistler Village Art Gallery opens second location

Whistler Village Art Gallery opens second location



After consulting with many Four Seasons Residences owners on artwork to hang in their new homes, the need for an additional gallery in the Upper Village became apparent to Jeanne Messeguer, director of the Whistler Village Art Gallery.

As a result, the gallery currently residing in the Hilton’s Art Gallery Row has now opened a second location at the Four Seasons Resort, located in the Upper Village.

"With many of our clients staying in the Upper Village, we wanted them to be able to have easy access to our artwork," Messeguer said.

The new gallery will share the name Whistler Village Art Gallery.

Along with artists showcased at the Hilton location, such as Hamilton Aguiar, Leon Belsky and Bogdan Molea, Messeguer hopes to venture into different palates, showcasing an even broader variety of artists and continually building to become one of Canada’s most exciting venues for fine art.

"It does give us the opportunity to showcase more art," she said. "Scott Steel is very new to the gallery. His striking landscapes have a strong photographic feel worked within a minimal palette."

The introduction of the new gallery is a welcome addition to Whistler’s thriving art scene.

"As the galleries become more established, the artwork is of higher quality," she said. "This snow-balling effect of having better art and therefore attracting better artists means that when visitors/clients return to Whistler, they can enjoy exhibitions of magnificent artwork on par with other top-class resorts around the world…. Our personal endeavour is to source exciting new work from both emerging and established North American artists."