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Whistler triathletes on top in provincial series


Triathlon British Columbia announced their year-end results for the 2003 12-event provincial series last week, and 16 locals placed in the top-20 in their age categories. Seven of those athletes were ranked in the top-three.

To be considered for an overall series title, you have to compete in at least four provincial triathlon events.

In the 25 to 29 age category, Tiffany Fenton of Garibaldi Highlands was fourth overall.

Whistler’s Tracey Pope and Marie-Anne Prevost were second and fifth overall respectively in the 30 to 34 age category.

Whistler’s Christine Suter was 18 th in the women’s 35 to 39 category.

Anne Bracey of Garibaldi Highlands was fourth in the women’s 45 to 49 group. Dawn Weberg-Titus of Whistler was 17 th in the same division.

Helle Winburn of Squamish was second in the women’s 50 to 54 category.

Heather Sidsworth, also of Squamish, was fourth in the 55 to 59 group.

Mae Palm of Whistler and Squamish was third in the women’s 60 to 64 group.

Max Roy of Garibaldi Highlands was second overall in the men’s Under 19 category.

Whistler’s David Higgins was second in the men’s 30 to 34 group.

Paul Nicholas of Whistler was 14 th in the 35 to 39 division.

Paul Suter of Whistler was third in the 40 to 44 division.

Daniel Havens was third in the 45 to 49 group.

Ray Wilburn of Squamish was eighth in the 55 to 59 group. Greg Sandkuhl was 18 in the same division.

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