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Whistler Transit adjusted to improve service

More service added to Routes 1 and 2



A number of main bus routes in Whistler have been tweaked to better reflect usage and improve efficiency to various neighbourhoods in the municipality.

Starting Sunday, Feb. 6 service 19 additional bus runs will be added to Route 1 Games Express and Route 2 Whistler Creek to alleviate congestion through the end of winter service. Both routes have experienced an increase in ridership due to the opening of Cheakamus Crossing and more visitors to the region.

"We have been experiencing congestion so that is essentially why we've made these amendments," said Joanna Linsangan, manager of public relations at BC Transit.

"Sometimes the schedule changes and it's based on demand. BC Transit adjusts the schedule accordingly throughout the year so you don't have a lot of empty buses running."

Linsangan said that no extra buses or funding were required to make the changes. For a complete schedule go to .



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