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Whistler to get winter wonderland

Artists from China will build 0.56-hectare winter wonderland



Construction is underway to build Whistler's very own large-scale winter wonderland. Built by Ice Kingdom — a company that has built similar snow and ice structures in Europe and the U.S. — the project will sit on the grounds of the Whistler Golf Club, providing an additional attraction for visitors.

"We think it's a very good addition to Whistler, and will promote the public's appreciation of art," explained David Xu, the chief artist for the project.

The 5,600-square-metre winter wonderland — which will be the largest snow structure built in Whistler's history, according to the company — will feature a castle, impressive statues of dinosaurs and fairytale creatures, snow slides and more. Visiting will provide kids with a mind-blowing, exciting experience, explained Xu, who has been in the snow structure game for 15 years.

There will also be an ice bar, entertainers and interactive winter activities.

Twenty artists from China are working on the project, which is expected to open on Feb. 3 and run until March 31. Once complete, Ice Kingdom will feature entertainers and interactive winter activities, including DIY sessions in which visitors can try their hand at making their own snow sculptures under the guidance of experts. The theme of the wonderland is "winter fun for everyone" and the project is expected to result in some local jobs.

As Pique interviewed Xu, it was raining on site, posing a challenge for his team, which is used to operating in colder climates.

"The weather will be the main challenge, because it's warmer compared to other places," explained Xu.

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