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Whistler through rose-tinted glasses

Sixth annual Pink Taco Party offers up all-female DJ lineup, night of pampering for ladies only



What: Pink Taco party

When: Wednesday, March 31, 8 p.m.

Where: GLC

Cost: Advance tickets $15

Whistler's feisty and fun-loving females in the know are digging through their wardrobes, on the hunt for any and all items in the pastel to hot pink range to wear to the upcoming Pink Taco Party.

Shirai Rewels began hosting the infamous event almost six years ago. But what started out as a themed birthday party for herself and a few friends has taken on a life of its own, growing to become a sold-out annual event that draws people from across Canada to join in the fun at this annual girls' night.

Get your mind out of the gutter: the cheeky name of the event isn't actually as dirty as you might think.

"My best friend had a T-shirt that said 'I heart pink tacos' on it and we thought it was a crude joke, but when my birthday rolled around, I was sick of boys, I had a bad fight with my boyfriend and I just wanted to have an all-girls party, and my best friend makes the best tacos in the world. So, I decided, 'I want to have a taco party and I want just girls, so we should have a pink taco party!' That's how it all started."

Lots of people of all ages that Rewels didn't know began showing up to take part in the festivities, and soon the guest list had reached 200 people.

"Our two-bedroom house in Alpine couldn't really hold that many (people)," she said.

That's when Rewels knew it was time to shift gears, moving the event from her birthday in late September to the spring and opening the pink palace up to the public.

"I think about three years ago it became more for everybody else. I didn't want to be selfish about it anymore," she giggled.

The rosy-themed evening of revelry is for females only, but don't be confused by the name: this isn't a lesbian party. It's for all ladies, regardless of sexual preference. And this year, Rewels has decided to ban boys completely. Well, except for the "keep-her-happy" boys, a crew of 10 "cute boys in suits" designated to offset all of the estrogen in the room and basically act as complete gentlemen for the evening, fetching drinks, holding purses, and opening doors for the ladies.

"I think my friend referred to them as 'man-slaves' last year," Rewels pondered. "But they're not! I've told them their job is to be on a date with 300 girls, so they have to be really schmoozy, I give them drink tickets, I give them presents, chocolates for the girls."

To make sure the fellas don't feel too left out, Rewels has arranged for free cover at Tommy's after 1:30 a.m. for any men coming to meet the Pink Taco crew.

A dress code is also strictly enforced, so all attendees must be wearing at least one pink clothing item or they'll be left hanging out at the door with all of the men.

"It really creates a cool vibe when you look out and the core is all pink and the whole room is pink, there's pink drinks," she added.

This year, Rewels has managed to nail down a stellar all-female DJ lineup, featuring local DJs GinaCat and Foxy Moron on the decks alongside Prince Rupert's Riki Rocket, who played the Shred Betty's party at WhistlerPRIDE just a few weeks ago.

"I had so much positive feedback! The girls just said she was just super fun, with really dancey, girly music that everyone could sing along to and get a shakedown going on to!" Rewels said.

There will be a ballot draw for prizes from The Beach, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Evolution, Lush, Farfalla, Vanity, Comor, The Loft and Canadian Snowmobiles. Plus, partygoers can take a break from the dance floor action and indulge in a few interactive stations where companies will be offering samples and pampering the pink-clad ladies. Local photographer Rich Glass will also be setting up a buddy booth, taking pictures of friends.

"If you look at it, $15 in advance is actually the price of a burger at the GLC normally, so I'm trying to make it really easy for girls to come have a really good time," Rewels said.

Tickets include a Mexican taco buffet (of course) starting at 8 p.m. A portion of the proceeds from the party will be donated to a local non-profit organization.