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Whistler, The Musical, finds the stage

First stage reading of Snow takes place Saturday at MY Millennium Place



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Corporate takeover has also snuck into the storyline, with the town rallying to find a way around "the nameless, faceless decisions of absentee owners" that just don't understand the culture of the town.

"We like to think of it as a realistic response to an irrational edict to somebody who doesn't really know anything about this place," Maxwell said.

The finished product is a series of polished rock and roll-inspired tracks that capture the essence of the story and the fictional town. Many are posted on the Cultural Capitals website at www.whistlerculturalcapitals.ca under the "Explore: Upcoming Events" tab. But if you want to check out the production in person, this coming Saturday night, organizers are holding their first public stage reading with nine to 10 cast members performing the numbers that have been lovingly written and rewritten by the team of four.

Now, they have a finished script and a composed score for the vocals and instrumentals, and will continue to work on the project after the workshop with the hopes of seeing it staged in the future.

"We're all keen for this to see the light of a real stage at some point, because unless we're completely self-delusional, we think the story's very good and we think the music's very good," Maxwell said.