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Whistler Stories unfolds under wraps



Docu-soap set to air in 2003

Production of Whistler Stories has wrapped but the question remains, just whose stories are they?

Stan Feingold, producer of the television series, will only confirm "there is an artist, a freeskier, and a sports promoter," but remains mum on the final edit.

Series producers moved into town at the cusp of ski season, found a number of locals they though might fit the format, then followed them around with cameras from New Year’s Eve to spring.

The number of characters was then reduced in the post-production stage. The series will air on Life Network in January.

Feingold says the response from the community during shooting was mostly positive.

"There was a bit of apprehension with the backdrop to the Olympic bid, which added a layer of concern," he says. "But what was most exciting was to see it all come together."

The docu-soap, aimed at younger viewers, examines life for six characters in a ski resort town.

"It was definitely a challenge choosing the stories. We concluded the principal photography around the time of the World Ski and Snowboard Festival," says Feingold.

"Whistler Stories (will be) pretty energetic, a diverse mix of personalities and pursuits, whether on the slopes, or in taxi cabs," Feingold adds.

The concept for the show was conceived by Feingold, with music programming from his colleague of 15 years, Dave Pickell.

"The soundtrack is a bit rock, all instrumental, with an underpinning of a bit of a techno rhythm. When coming up with ideas for the music, it’s really a matter of deciding on a vibe and the audience the show will attract," says Pickell, who has seen one segment of the series.

"It’s amazing what music can add to a dry scene. Instantly the show swings into a mood."

A trailer of the show will be available to the media this fall, during promotions sweeps for television series.

Stay tuned.

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