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Intrawest’s Whistler South Comprehensive Development Strategy, which includes redevelopment of Whistler Creek and the Spring Creek and Peaks subdivisions, was pulled from the council agenda Monday night. The comprehensive, all-or-nothing plan was on the agenda for third reading at council’s Sept. 20 meeting but was postponed to this week’s meeting — where it was pulled again. Staff and Intrawest personnel are still working on details of the Whistler South CDS, although no specific details were available. At the Sept. 13 public hearing on the Whistler South CDS several people raised concerns about the access road to The Peaks subdivision and the traffic it would generate in the Bayshores subdivision. Other concerns included the school site proposed in Spring Creek, which is smaller than most. Some people took issue with the fact that council must approve all three projects with one bylaw in order to receive the community amenities promised: the school site, a day care, parks and Valley Trail connections.